Watch this video clip to hear me explain, in a nutshell, why this audiobook can help you shift gears for good:

Please do not spend another drop of your time, energy, or money trying to build your career on shaky ground.

It doesn’t feel good, and, honestly, it doesn’t work that well (if at all, really).

Building on shaky ground means you are working harder for fewer results.

Building on shaky ground means you are settling for a two-steps-forward one-step-back experience.

Building on shaky ground means you are missing out on fully maximizing the opportunities that come your way.

No. More. Of. That. Unnecessary. Nonsense.

Instead, let’s put a rock-solid foundation in place that will serve you for many years to come. So you won’t be distracted any longer from what’s truly important: you sharing your gifts with the world.

So, why do I care so much about how you are doin’ your thing?

Because talented, passionate, creative people fully sharing their gifts make the world a better place. And I am passionate about making the world a better place. And yes, sometimes that starts with simply clearing some space on your desk… so let’s get started!

Each of the 4 sections in this audiobook is packed with the guidance I’ve been gathering and using to transform the lives, careers, and environments of my private clients for almost 20 years.

This is my very best advice – no fluff, no filler. Not only am I passing this information on to you in the most streamlined way I can, but Feeding Your Focus is written specifically for the life and circumstances unique to us creative types.

Most of those time management books, business books, and networking books are not written for us – they don’t apply to a life that usually has a crazy, unpredictable schedule… and abrupt shifts in employment… and wild fluctuations of income.

I know that life. I’ve lived that life.

Feeding Your Focus will teach you how to reclaim clarity, stability, and peace within that life.

This audiobook delivers practical and powerful guidance that you’ll be able to implement immediately – whether you are taking the first step on your path or you are years into your journey. Guaranteed.

 “It became a fight with my experiences to give this audiobook a chance – my impulse being to brush it off as just another hymnal of cliched “Duh” wisdoms. She’s going to tell me how to be creative AND organized? Can you be both? But this book really does have merit. I found her offering mind-opening realizations about my life that I should have thought of on my own… but didn’t. She really knows the problems of a disorganized, driven professional. She really knows good networking techniques. Kristine Oller will inspire you to direct your energy towards those things which give life to your future.”

Chadd Pierce
voice over artist

Wondering if I’m the right guide for you right now?

Below are some substantial samples of each section of the book – listen and decide if I am speaking to you:

Do you want to create a career of significance… but you feel pulled in a million directions at once?

Feeding Your Focus can fix that.

Part one of the audiobook – Focus & Strategy – is all about how to build momentum in your life and career.

Have you noticed some folks are just whizzing along? Are you wondering how in the world they’re doing it? (Especially those who are not as talented and don’t put forth the amount of effort that you do?)

Well, each of them is “feeding their focus.” Meaning, they are clear about what they specifically want at this point in time, they are executing a plan of action to achieve it, and they are letting go of mental clutter that is getting in the way. They know how to make decisions quickly, how to create and maximize opportunities, and how to get the guidance that they need.

After absorbing the info in this section of the book, you will too.

(You’ve got the talent – you just need some tactics!)

We’ll cover:

the difference between having focus and having goals
the impact of having your entire life “feeding your focus”
how to make decisions quickly and without regrets
how to use strategy to gain traction and create momentum
how to release what no longer serves you
the mental games of perfectionism and procrastination…
…and why “good enough” is, very often, good enough
how to find quality guides and evaluate their guidance
how to tune into and trust your gut
and more

Have a listen:

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Do you want to run your career like a pro… but you know your home office needs an overhaul?

Feeding Your Focus can fix that.

Part two of the audiobook – Home Office Efficiency – is all about creating a physical environment that supports you rather than drains you.

Is your home office leaking? How many drips of your time, energy, money, are lost each day to unfinished projects, piles of paper, and misplaced phone numbers?

Good news – fixing those leaks will not take as long or be as difficult as you think it will. And almost immediately, you will start to experience renewed success. Yeah, some successful people are “just lucky.” But most of them are focused, organized, and connected. They understand how to set priorities, they are comfortable parting with things and activities that no longer serve them, and they can find what they need when they need it.

After following my step-by-step guidance in this section of the book, you will too.

(You’ve got the supplies – you just need some structure!)

We’ll cover:

how to avoid diving into an organizing project without a plan
the very important differences between “neat” and “organized”
how having less actually lets you have more
how to evaluate your space…
…and make it a place that supports (rather than drains) you
your emotional ties to trash (and how to untie those knots)
the three levels of storage and how they will save your sanity
how to create and maintain “office zones”
how to organize your entire home office step-by-detailed-step
and more

Have a listen:

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Do you want to generate wealth… but you keep coming up unexpectedly short at the ATM?

Feeding Your Focus can fix that.

Part three of the audiobook – Financial Organization – is all about putting a little routine in place so you always “know your number.”

Do you have just enough money to avoid having to pay attention to your money? And yet, do you end up thinking about it anyway? That’s because the roots of our emotional relationship with money run deep.

Untangling those roots is a vital step towards reaching your dreams. Savvy wealth-builders understand which paperwork to keep and which to toss, how to protect themselves in modern times, and how to co-mingle funds with a significant other without losing their purchasing independence.

After hearing the info in this section of the book, you will too.

(You’ve got the desire – you just need some details!)

We’ll cover:

the power of “knowing your numbers”
the myth of security
how to handle all the pieces of the paperwork puzzle
how to create a do-able, streamlined monthly financial routine
why tracking is more important than budgeting
how to calm the anxious money voices in your head
some little things that will protect you a lot
how to merge your money with your partner…
…and different ways to do it…
…and how to add structure and simplicity to joint finances
and more

Have a listen:

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Do you want to meet the people who can rock your world… but you worry they are out of your reach?

Feeding Your Focus can fix that.

Part four of the audiobook – Networking: How and Why – is all about building the relationships you want without feeling icky, intrusive, aggressive, or needy.

You are talented, hard-working, and smart… so why is your career not taking off? Because not enough of the right people know you exist. And if they don’t know you exist, how can they help you or hire you? They can’t.

Simply put, careers cannot be built if you don’t extend yourself or if you let budding relationships die on the vine. Folks with thriving careers know how to lower people’s defenses and put them at ease, how to turn one conversation into many, and how to handle awkward party moments.

After learning the info in this section of the book, you will too.

(You’ve got the personality – you just need some permission!)

We’ll cover:

why networking is not actually about talking
the value of connecting the dots
how to educate your network
the power of extending yourself…
…and simple, easy, gentle ways to do it
my personal lifesaver: the golden nugget game
how to give and how to receive
how to prep for and maximize events
how to gather, process, and utilize your data
and much, much more

Have a listen:

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Voice over artist Roxanne Hernandez shares why this audiobook is a must-have for all self-employed creatives:

Curious about what happens after you click the buy button?

Here are the details about all the goodies you’ll get:

…and clarity,
and good cheer…

…all from me – career strategist (and former award-winning professional organizer) Kristine Oller, who, for over fifteen years, has been designing clear, focused plans of action for ambitious, multi-talented creatives.

Instant access to the digital version of Feeding Your Focus which you can immediately download to your computer and start listening to (yep, even if it’s currently 3 o’clock in the morning!)

The digital version will arrive as MP3 files and PDF documents which you can save on your computer, drag into iTunes, or upload to your smartphone.

Then, in just a few days, you’ll receive a pretty little cased set of Feeding Your Focus on CDs shipped right to your door.

With this audiobook, you are getting 8 hours of my expert guidance delivered right to your desktop. Were you to hire me to deliver this coaching to you as a private client… and if my rate was $100/hr (which it no longer is)… this guidance in this audiobook alone would run you about $800.

That’s why Feeding Your Focus exists – to shave years off your learning curve and save you a boatload of cash.

To make things quick and easy, I’ll cover the cost of shipping the CDs to you.

My aim in designing this webpage was to give you enough material so you could get to know me a bit, hear how I can possibly help you, and evaluate whether or not we are a good match. Only make this purchase if your gut is sayin': “Do it – this is exactly the type of help you’ve been looking for!”

To encourage you to listen to your gut (muy importante!), all of my products come with a 30-day guarantee. I believe Feeding Your Focus will be one of the best investments you have ever made for your career. However, if you feel this audiobook does not deliver the quality you expected it to, simply contact me and I will honor your request for a refund.

Want to hear about the Special Bonus Section?
(It’s pretty fantastic!)

This special, step-by-detailed-step section of Feeding Your Focus is the next best thing to having me right there by your side organizing your home office with you.

Together we will complete my 8 Simple Steps To Organizing Your Home Office.

These 8 Simple Steps are designed to help you tackle this project at your own speed – with special care being taken so that, between organizing sessions, you will still be able to work in the space. No path-blocking, anxiety producing “stuff explosions” – I promise!

With my very specific guidance, you will:

overhaul your storage areas
design 7 workspace zones
create a no-fail paper flow system
construct an easy-access filing system
avoid burning out before the project is complete!

I will help you move swiftly along with a calm mind. This is, hands down, the fastest and best method for someone who is tackling an organizing project on their own. (And I have yet to find any other professional organizer who has recorded such a thorough, client-friendly, hands-on, time-tested tutorial like this one.)

I’ve organized well over 100 home offices, and typically each takes from 5 to 15 hours to complete. Hourly rates for most professional organizers are $40-$125.

So, even in the best circumstances, working with a pro for 5 hours at the low (seriously low) rate of $40/hr, will cost $200.

Again, one of the main reasons I wrote this book was to save you some significant cash.

You’ll also get a printable copy of the unabridged text of the book.

In the Feeding Your Focus hard copy CD set, the full text of the book is included on a CD ROM. In the digital version, the full text of the book is included as a downloadable PDF file.

Plus, you’ll also receive a printable copy of the full Reference Appendix.

Like the book, the Reference Appendix has 4 sections – each one packed with plenty of additional resources to help you take action:

recommended service providers
copies of my actual letters that you can use as templates
samples of the the low-tech spreadsheets I first used to track my finances way back when!

In the Feeding Your Focus hard copy CD set, the Reference Appendix is included on a CD ROM. In the digital version, the Reference Appendix is included as a downloadable PDF file.

If all of the above is resonating with you, your next step is…

to trust in your ability to take this information and make some amazing changes in your life.

I believe you can do it…

…because I’ve helped hundreds of people do it.

And because I believe that each person has the ability, at any moment in time, to change themselves – and by doing so, to change their life.

Of course, I want you to click on that button and get yourself a copy of this audiobook – but the reason I want you to do it is because taking that action is proof that you are willing to bet on yourself and your dreams.

And all I want you know is:

If you are willing to bet on yourself, I can help you win.

Here’s what my private client – actor and voice over artist Pam Tierney – said when I asked her:

“Why did you buy the book?”

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.


Q: Why did you publish Feeding Your Focus as an audio book?

A: Because I thought it would be way, way more effective and engaging for you to literally hear – in your ear – the authenticity of my passion for this material and my compassion for you.

If you want to read the book (or highlight particular portions), the full, unabridged text of the book is included (as a PDF file) for you to read on your computer screen or download.

Q: You mentioned that the hard copy CD set of Feeding Your Focus comes with the text and Reference Appendix on a CD ROM – what’s a CD ROM?

A: A CD ROM looks just like a regular CD, but it holds text files (as opposed to audio files).

If you insert the CD ROM into your computer, an icon will appear on your desktop. When you click on that icon you’ll see the text files which you can either read or print out.

All of the material you get from me will work with both Macs and PCs.

Which of your audio courses should I get first: Feeding Your Focus OR Your Networking BootCamp OR Your Little Side Biz?

Feeding Your Focus, covers the four building blocks of a strong foundation: focus + strategy, home office efficiency, financial organization, and networking. If you have a major weakness in any of these areas, you are trying to build your career on shaky ground… so, if you need help in 2 or more of those areas, I suggest getting this book first.

However, if organization is NOT an issue for you BUT you do need help connecting with people and nurturing relationships, then Your Networking BootCamp is a perfect place to start. While Feeding Your Focus gives you several, very effective core networking techniques, Your Networking BootCamp gives you a comprehensive took kit.

However, if what you need right now is to generate additional income (or free your schedule from the confines of a day-job), Your Little Side Biz is the training course that can teach you some proven ways to become your own boss and make those shifts.

Q: Should I buy Feeding Your Focus or coach with you privately?

A: If you are considering working with me one-on-one, I highly recommend that you absorb the info in Feeding Your Focus before scheduling a private session. Doing so will save you time and money – and you will gain a clear understanding of my point of view which will allow us to really hit the ground running.

Building your career and/or boosting it to the next level – or transitioning to an entirely new area – requires that you have a strong foundation. You’ll need to have some organization in place and some networking skills. I created this book so that, if you do become a private coaching client, you can start your work with me from a position of strength.

Q: How do I contact you if I have a question (or want to add a jazzy testimonial to this page)?

A: I’m at 818-500-1683 or


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